Investment Management Imbued with Purpose.

Our strategy was developed to help clients achieve long-term financial goals;

and we will engage with managements on important matters of corporate governance.

"The global financial services scene is the epicenter of generational cyclical and technological changes that are disrupting longstanding business models.  Our fund, Signalman Fund LP, is designed to gain from evolution that produces high-functioning & well-governed leaders.  Just as many competitors falter.   We find advantage investing in areas & companies overlooked, misunderstood & often under/over valued at key moments in their lifecycle."

Contact us if you are a qualified investor & your current allocation lacks this long-term approach in areas brimming with opportunity.



KCA/Princeton Advisors, LLC

KCA/Princeton Advisors, LLC is the investment manager for the Signalman Fund, LP


Our Principles

KCA/Princeton Advisors, LLC launched it's initial investment fund for qualified institutions and individuals in early 2017.  Signalman  Fund, LP focuses on the financial services sector, amidst cyclical change, industry consolidation and technology developments.    


Our objective is to deliver reliable superior long-term performance with less exposure to market volatility for limited partners. 


The last thing consultants, advisers, and other gatekeepers need is to recommend another standard, humdrum investment strategy to a client whose investment portfolio is not keeping pace with expanding liabilities.  KCA/Princeton Advisors offers a strategy with a uniquely managed specialization designed for portfolios that need superior long-term returns but wish to avoid market-like volatility. 

KCA's Founder/Principal is John A. Heffern, who applies 30 years of portfolio management & research experience, particularly in the area of global financial services companies from large cap to micro cap.

Mr. Heffern travels frequently & widely for hands-on portfolio research, gaining insights from decades-long relationships in the investment management industry.




Peritia et Fidelis

Mr. Heffern's career spans nearly 30 years of senior level portfolio management and equity research mandates.  He is keenly focused on liquid investments in publicly-traded financial services companies.

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